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Since I was 9 years old, the perfection of the body has been important to me.

A perfect body translates to a youthful and beautiful body.

In my years of searching, I found that beauty is created and maintained by using several methods in combination.

Harmony of feelings is the most important technique for maintaining beauty.

Disharmony causes the cohesiveness of the cell to shatter.  As the cell loses its stability, it loses its ability to function properly and reproduce itself according to its original DNA.  The DNA changes with disharmony; the cells decay; the body ages.

Disharmony is chaos.  Chaos is anger and hate; and any variation of that.

Holding on to discordant feelings and felling justified to do so, is the quickest way to ugliness.  This is a habit whose time it is to lose.

The best technique to break this habit is meditation.

Meditation means quieting one’s self and feeling the Presence of God.

Start with 1 minute, two times a day.  Increase the amount as you are guided.

Another thought:

You willingly choose to hold onto hate and anger.  No one forces you to do this.  Therefore willingly open your hands, both physically and in your feelings, and grab onto Love.

This Love can be the feeling you have for a pet, a friend, a job.  Hold onto this feeling and let it wash over you; let it fill every cell of your body.

When you are loving, you are unable to hate.  When you are loving, your cells are regenerating.

More is not better. 

Finding the right amount for you is important.

Moving your body, moves the energy that runs the body.  Moving the energy, moves the blood, the lymph and the nerve impulses.  If one of these “fluids” becomes stuck, you have pain, distress and eventually decay.

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder outlines a group of exercises that have been called “limbering exercises” or “Tibetan Rites”.

These exercises when performed daily, keep the energy of each chakra (energy center) of your body moving in the direction and at the rate that maintains youth and beauty in the body.

Chakras might not mean anything to you but each center of corresponds to (is locate exactly at the point) one of your glands.  The endocrine system plays a role in maintaining the proper functioning of the body; thus keeping the body youthful.

The “Tibetan Rites” affect the glands of your body.  This may prove to have a better affect on maintaining the hormones of your body at their proper levels then trying to work with synthetic or natural remedies.  At the very least, using the exercise in conjunction with the remedies may create a better affect then using the drugs/remedies by themselves.

Notice I did not say sleep.  Notice also that I said “regularly scheduled”, not “catch as catch can”, or when it is convenient.

In reviewing the causes of various illnesses and degenerative diseases, a common factor noted is the lack of sleep.

If you have seen someone who has been sleep deprived, you will see that bedraggled look: she moves awkwardly; her face sags; there are bags under her eyes; she mumbles her words.

How many of those symptoms do you have; even if it is just the slightest hint?

In articles related to caring for the body, I have often read that one should wake and get out of bed no later than 7 AM.  They also recommend to wake at the same time every day, weekends included.

The body thrives on rhythm.  It never takes a day off from functioning.  Why should you?

Eating is one activity that most people enjoy.  I have noticed that people eat but do not chew their food.  They take a bite, chomp down a couple of times to make it small enough not to scrape the back of their throat too badly, and swallow.

Digestion starts in the mouth.  Chewing your food and any liquid food (smoothies, soups, broths) allows the body not to work so hard.  Without the saliva from the mouth mixing well in your food and drink, the stomach, stomach acid and enzymes have to work harder, or use a larger amount to get the job done. 

Eventually the body gets tired and stops producing the vital enzymes.  Without the enzymes to breakdown the food into its nutrition components, the body does not receive the nutrients from your food.  The food sits in your digestive track and ferments – putrefies.

Have you seen a person that has digestive problems, which is most of society?  They barely move; they are in constant pain to some degree and their brain is foggy. 

Do any of these symptoms, even in the slightest degree, apply to you?

Next to chewing, the quality of your food matters.

Food grown with herbicides, pesticides and synthetic nutrients produces an empty, poison-filled item. 

Herbicides and pesticides do not stop killing once they have entered your body.  What they do to the bugs of the outside world, they do to you.

Synthetic nutrients force a plant to produce larger items with fewer nutrients.  You have to eat more before your body tells you it has had enough of the nutrients supplied.  If there is no nutrient value, your body never triggers you to stop eating.  You eat more calories without any benefit.

Biologically grown food, also known as organic food, can have anywhere from 20 percent to 200 percent more nutrients without any destructive qualities than its synthetic counterpart.  This means with less calories, you get more nutrients.

The importance of this difference of food quality cannot be understated.  We live in a world that is very aware of Type A malnutrition (caused by a lack of food), a condition found in underdeveloped countries.

Type B malnutrition (a large amount of food that has little to no nutrients) is epidemic in developed countries. 

Both types of malnutrition are avoidable when biological farming methods are used.

Maintaining Youth and Beauty in your body is a process.  It is the little things you do, every day that keep your body radiating with Beauty.