Point Acupuncture

Mineral Testing

  • Lab work for mineral imbalances through saliva and urine.   $20.00
  • Treatment and Follow-up Visits $65.00

Lifestyle Modification

  • Diet
  • Thinking
  • Movement

Homeopathic Medicine

  • Energetic medicine
  • Gives your body a road map to help it heal

Chinese Nutrition

  • Turns a healthy diet into a healing diet
  • Uses food and herbs to enhance diet for health benefits
  • Classifies food according to benefits

Oriental Medicine

  • Body moves because of energy
  • When energy gets stuck, pain and disease occur

Chinese Herbology

  • Uses plants and animal parts
  • Can be consumed
    • raw herbs for a tea or added to food
    • prepared herbs comes in powder, capsule, syrup, pill
  • Can be used externally in a pack or wash


  • Acupuncture is more than needles
    • Ga Sha  technique - used for children; and home care facial treatments
    • Moxibustion - activates channels of energy through type of herbs burned and heat
  • use only sterile, disposable needles

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Evaluation and Treatment

  • Initial Consultation with or without Treatment $75.00

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