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Available Programs

Facial Rejuvenation

Wanting a wrinkle-free face may seem like a vain idea but it is actually one of the best ways to maintain the vitality of the entire body. 

Facial acupuncture improves blood circulation and increases collagen to reduce wrinkles.  In Oriental Medicine, the whole body is reflected on the face.  Each wrinkle tells the story of a problem in some other area of the body.  By treating the wrinkle, the cause is being treated. 

Thus, an acupuncture facial rejuvenation treatment heals the body at the same time it rejuvenates the face.

For best results, the Facial Rejuvenation Program is composed of 6 week long courses with 2 treatments per week.  A diet analysis will be given to determine which foods will benefit your complexion. Additional charges for herb formulas may apply, if needed. 

Stop Smoking Program

The Stop Smoking Program is for those people who have decided to quit smoking with or without the help of acupuncture.  This program eases the affects of nicotine and smoking withdrawals.

The program is separated into 2 phases:  the Treatment Phase and the Maintenance Phase.

The Treatment Phase begins on a Tuesday and ends on the Thursday, with daily treatments.  If you are still having withdrawal symptoms, another one or two treatments will be added.

The following week begins the Maintenance Phase consists of 3 treatments.  During these treatments, related symptoms will be treated.  These symptoms can be cough, fatigue, stomach ache, and overall aches and pains. 

Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar or Hypoglycemia occurs when there is too little sugar circulating in the blood stream.  This can show as fatigue, mental confusion, shakiness, and irritability.  A common cause can occur when diabetics take too much insulin for the amount of sugar just consumed at a meal.

Another cause of low blood sugar is an over-secretion of insulin from the pancreas for a variety of reasons.

Treatment will consist of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and diet/lifestyle changes.  One acupuncture visit per week for 8 weeks constitutes 1 course of treatment.  If your symptoms continue, you will need additional courses.