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Point Acupuncture

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Smoking Cessation 

If you are ready to quit smoking, we can help.   Read More


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New Patients

Before your first appointment, complete the New Patient Forms located under the Forms tab and bring them in with you.  Allow about an hour and a half for your first appointment.  Please arrive before your scheduled appointment time.

Classical Chinese Medicine treats the three layers of the body; the exterior, the interior, and the half exterior/ half interior.  Your symptoms tell which layer or layers are affected.  The Classical Chinese Medical approach recommends herb formulas that rectify your body’s functions to allow the body to heal itself.

Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation

Energize your body while beautifying your face.  Read More

Special Programs

  • Remove pain and discomfort  caused by irritation in body, mind or emotions
  • Restore balance
  • Use Oriental Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Food and ingenuity
  • Help you plan for your future health