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Coumadin/Warfin and Dehydration

Western Medicine is concerned with the thickness of the blood in order to prevent clots and strokes.  Their method of thinning the blood so it does not stick is through the use of medication.

Recently a patient on Coumadin had her numbers run.  Her blood thickness tested to be 1.5.  She thought about the warm weather and how much water she was drinking and realized she might be dehydrated.  She increased her water consumption to at least 64 ounces of water per day.  When she had her blood retested, the thickness of her blood decreased to 2.3.

Blood is moistly fluid with some solids thrown in.

If you have the tendency for blood clots or strokes in your family line or even just within you, consider your fluid level.

Typically the advice is to drink 64 ounces of water a day.  If you have blood issues, double it to 120 ounces per day.  That is roughly one gallon of water a day.  Remember you are special.  You will need to do things that work for your body and not the “average” person.  Have you met the average person?  She does not exist.

Your fluid intake can be composed of water and/or a light, unsweetened tea.  Make your tea just flavorful enough for you to enjoy.  You can also add flavoring to your water such as lemon or lime, vanilla or orange.  Be creative.

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