The Five Rituals - Look 30 years younger

Think Whole

When you have any illness or disease or injury that when addressed and treated is not getting better, consider that the root cause is somewhere else in the body.  Inflammation is not limited to one part of the body.  The eyes are not separate from the rest of the body nor are your sinuses.  The cause of their problems may lie in another seemingly unrelated system.

When treating one problem, think about the other things that are going on in your body.  Are you constipated?  Do you have allergies?  Does your back ache?  Do you get moody?

All these things will limit the body from healing the area you want to heal.  The body is intelligent,  more so than those of us who try to help it to heal.

We really do not heal the body.  We remove the obstacles so that it has a smooth road to travel in resolving the problem it wants to resolve.

Illness and disease that you notice may be coming from a different part of the body.  The small or insignificant problems may actually be preventing the body from healing the main cause of your discomfort.

Yes, treat the problem that is your greatest concern but in conjunction with that treatment have someone help you to see how the body is doing in all its systems so nothing is overlooked which could benefit the other parts of the body.

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