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Stablizing Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar affects diabetics as well as non-diabetics.

Situations of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)

Low blood sugar can be brought on by excessive fasting, alcoholism, liver diseases, overeating, consuming alcohol and sugar together, pancreatic tumor, Addision’s disease and taking too much insulin by a diabetic.

Symptoms include

Symptoms include extreme fatigue, lightheaded, mental confusion, and becoming shaky.   In extreme cases, one could black out.  If the symptoms occur in the early morning, the pancreas should be checked for tumors.  If the symptoms occur in the afternoon, it could be related to reactive hypoglycemia.

Function of the body

Glycagon secreted from the pancrease causes the liver to release glycogen which is converted into glucose (sugar) in the blood.  Insulin is then secreted by the pancreas to push the glucose into the cells.  The body functions the best between 85 and 110 mg/dL in the blood stream. Hypoglycemia  is related to levels of glucose below 85mg/dL in the blood.

Causes of Low blood sugar

  • lack of glycogen in the liver
  • excessive insulin secretion from the pancreas

Diet, exercise, the proper amount of insulin (in the case of a diabetic), and Chinese herbs will help maintain a consistent blood sugar level.

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